Welcome To Our Siddhi!

January 17, 2017

Welcome To Our Siddhi!

After months of hard work, proud moments, many lessons learned, and a few tears we’re finally here and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome you. This is Our Siddhi! A collaborative creation born and raised with so much love on the sun-drenched shores of Southern California by a full-time, devoted, Ryt 500 yoga instructor that was always in need of a fresh tank that could transition seamlessly from street to studio and a design obsessed FIT grad who to date still displays more grace on a mouse pad than he does on a yoga mat. Two people with wildly different perspectives and personalities but a shared passion for beautifying the world around them and a willingness to set out on, what so far has been, the adventure of a lifetime. Oh, sweet, sweet balance!

From the beginning the goal was simple; to create a line of apparel that expresses who we are both at and away from the studio, that can breathe and stretch with us, that’s environmentally conscious, and, above all else, will allow us to help others. Eighteen months, countless festivals, a dozen trunk shows, a few pop-ups and innumerable encounters with profoundly incredible people who were kind enough to share their experiences of life, work, and otherwise (and who we are eternally grateful for), later...we’re proud to say we’ve accomplished just that.

Our Siddhi’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection has been created with organic and natural fibers along with recycled synthetic materials and printed almost entirely with non-toxic, water-based inks, with manufacturing taking place right up the coast in Los Angeles and at facilities all in accordance with the FLA (Fair Labor Association) Workplace Code of Conduct, along with partnering businesses that have all been Certified Green. A special thanks right here is necessary to all of those women and men for not only your professionalism but mostly for your patience! We’re certain there was more than one time when you had something more important to do than watch us endlessly waver back-and-forth between a Sun Yellow or a Lemon Yellow fabric swatch but you never let it show and we can't tell you how much we appreciate you for that.

The kindness and selflessness shown towards us throughout those early days is just another one of the many reasons we feel such a strong need to give back, and we’re doing so by donating proceeds from the sale of each item sold through our site to a charity or non-profit that we feel is doing outstanding work, whether it's on the local or global level.

At present, that organization is LA-based, Baby2Baby which provides clothing, food, and support of all kind to children ages 0-12 throughout the country. Their efforts have been inspiring and further information on their past projects and how you can get involved can be found on our Siddhi of Love Project page.

We’re hopeful that this is just the start of something amazing and we truly hope that you're with us each step of the way. That doesn't mean that the trip will always be a smooth one. There may be times when the values of others we work with do not align with our own or a process we're using could be improved. In such cases we will work quickly to correct the issue and hope you have the trust and patience to know that we only have the best intentions at heart. For us, this is the biggest challenge we've ever set for ourselves. We're thrilled by the possibilities. We're a little scared of what happens next . We're uber-thankful for all of the support we've received. Most of all though...we're ready! And isn't that how you’re supposed to feel at the start of every epic journey?
Now let's do this...TOGETHER!

Always Love-

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