Our Siddhi Family: Sara Shermis

June 29, 2017

Our Siddhi Family: Sara Shermis

If you've been lucky enough to experience San Diego's incredible yoga community in recent years then it's likely that you've crossed paths with Sara Shermis. She's a 500 RYT, writer, intuit, model, and all around out-of-this-world individual whose passion for yoga and life is truly inspiring. Just over a year ago we were all brought together during a photoshoot in La Jolla, CA and we immediately connected with her shimmering glow. Since that time she's collaborated with us on several projects and has become a beloved member of the Our Siddhi Family.
We sat down with Sara recently to discuss her practice, her passions, what it's like teach in San Diego, and of course...puppies.
Why did you start practicing yoga?
I started practicing yoga regularly because it made me feel good physically. Eventually it
became like a meditation where the different poses all start to feel the same, at that point it
became so much more. I practice six times a week and meditate every morning for the mental benefits.
How long have you been teaching yoga? What's your style like?
I've been teaching for 4 years. I think my style is super flow-y and dance-like; it's especially
become so much so in last few months. I found my groove. I usually flip you to face the back of the mat because that's how I practice at home. It's nice to have a change in perspective!
Favorite local studio to support?
Ah! So hard to choose.. I practice all the places I teach: Buddhi Yoga, Riffs, Trilogy and Spirit. Buddhi has a very open feel, lots of natural light and some of my favorite teachers. Riffs is awesome because it's outside and on a clear day you can see the ocean from the deck. Trilogy is one of my favorite places to eat, it's so ideal to grab lunch right after class, and Spirit has such a high, community vibe. I feel lucky to teach and practice in all these beautiful spaces!
Tell us about your most memorable yoga experience?
Probably the many times I've fallen on my face (and gotten back up). I don't mind all the tries because it's taught me nothing is impossible.
What pose are you currently obsessed with?
Any backbend. My feet on my head feels good! I love the benefits of backbends, besides
improving posture, backbending makes me feel physically and emotionally open. I am leading a Heart Opening & Gratitude Journaling Workshop at Buddhi on July 15th. Come join us!
Where can we find you recharging with your favorite super natural meal?
Cafe Gratitude in Little Italy. I love the Whole Bowl! It’s braised butternut squash, adzuki beans, sea vegetables, sautéed greens, kimchi, garlic tahini, teriyaki almonds, with brown rice, and quinoa.
Yum! How bout if you're at home? Any personal recipes?
I love pancakes, but the healthier version of anything if it's available is something I'll most likely always choose. I came up with pancakes with 3 ingredients: eggs, smashed bananas and cinnamon. Looks and tastes just like a regular pancake, but healthier. Peanut butter on top is a must!
Our Siddhi is all about being super natural and the supernatural. Tell us about an experience you've had with either.
Super natural? Probably the time I swam with whale sharks in La Paz, Mexico. Whale sharks are ginormous animals, but completely harmless. I remember my heart racing when I jumped off the boat and swam up for a closer look. This amazing creature was so long that I couldn't even see where it ended. While I watched her feed on algae along the ocean’s surface I had one of life’s “perspective” moments wherein I was reminded just what a small part of this universe we all are and how incredible this journey can be when we’re all able to coexist.
Wow! That sounds amazing! How about the supernatural?
I'm an intuit, sometimes that means I have visions about the future. Watching my clairvoyant visions happen and play out in real life has always been wildly fascinating. It's left me with a true appreciation for the magic that is life, as well as given me insight to the true depth that's part of our experience.

You’ve just completely floored us (picture eyes wide and jaws dropped)! We’re definitely going to have to dedicate another post solely to your special gift and really get into some detail. We know you’re running short on time though so let’s speed round the final four:
What piece of life advice has helped you recently?
Trust your path.

Last book you read?
Unteathered Soul

Favorite quote?
"He who looks outside dreams. He who looks inside awakens."

Love that!
Quick! One wish?
So many, but lately all I've been thinking about is getting a puppy. I'd want a Goldendoodle
because they look like big teddy bears, which is adorable. We’d watch movies at night, go on long walks near the beach, take drives up the coast, and run all over town together.
You can find Sara at all of the studios mentioned above (check links for class times) and be sure to join her on July 15th at Buddhi Yoga in La Jolla for her Heart Opening & Gratitude Journaling Workshop.